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Renovation, repairs
We take all orders for the whole spectrum of boat repair works on the hull, deck, masts and wearing-iron, we do the refitting and interior re-design projects.

Our services are appreciated by the largest sailing organizations. Along with our experience and mastery in use of traditional as well as most modern painting technologies, may this speak of our professionalism.

Our large peer offers a safe haven to moor your boat for winter. The basin is safely accessible from the sea and guarded all year round.

To supplement it, we offer boat lifting and launching services and prepare them for the season.

Are you considering a refit or renovation?


We accept commisions for refitting works on all kinds of vessels from megayachts to fishing boats.

We offer complete hull, interior and deck repairs.

We prepare yachts for ocean-going voyages.


SY Kruzensztern - complete deck reconstruction